Don Honored at the Ironbound Community Center’s 50th Anniversary Gala

Don paid tribute to the Ironbound Community Corporation’s longtime executive director at the community organization’s 50th anniversary gala on Oct. 24 as Don was honored for Audible’s commitment to Newark.

“Few people I’ve known or observed traveling the world as a journalist for 20 years have exemplified missionary public leadership — moral leadership that does not just call out immoralities without fiercely pursuing solutions — than does Joe Della Fave,” Don said in his remarks. “Joe is a change-maker. If you are at all interested in civics or political science, take look at the 22-year fight Joe led to clean up an unconscionably dangerous stretch of river and create Riverside Park. Joe has heart as big as the Ironbound.”

The other honorees were Newark Councilman Augusto Amador; Aisha Glover, President & CEO of the Newark Alliance; and Roger Leon, Superintendent of Newark Public Schools.

Don and Joe Della Fave (Executive Director of the Ironbound Community Corporation) among the Honorees at the 50th Anniversary Gala