Don Takes on New Role as Executive Chairman of Audible

Media and tech executive Bob Carrigan joined Audible on Jan. 2 as CEO reporting to Don, who is now executive chairman of Audible.

Don will work closely with Bob on overarching strategies as Bob takes over responsibility for global business operations. Don will also focus on Audible’s global content strategy and extensive social and public policy objectives in Newark and other locations.

“Bob Carrigan is among the most accomplished, creative, intellectually adept, and inspirational CEOs I have watched succeed over my twenty years of studying and chronicling businesses and my twenty-four years leading Audible,” Don said in the press release. “I have watched him positively disrupt institutional status quos to measurable and lasting effect. I could not be more thrilled that the stars have aligned to allow him to join the Audible adventure full-time.”

Bob joins Audible after a 20-year career that spans positions as Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, CEO of IDG and a senior executive at AOL. Bob most recently served as the Executive Chairman of Genscape.