Vogue: “Patti Smith Stuns With ‘Words and Music’ at New York’s Minetta Lane Theater”

Don with Patti Smith and Bette Midler at the Minetta Lane Theatre on Sept. 23.

For three evenings beginning Sept. 22, Patti Smith delivered a special spoken-word and music performance at the Minetta Lane Theatre for Audible theater.

In the show program, Don wrote:

Patti Smith’s creative output is stunning and timeless, from her distinctive stream-of-consciousness style poetry to her trailblazing punk rock in the 1970s to her National Book Award-winning memoir and Audible best-seller, Just Kids. And it is fitting we are celebrating her in Greenwich Village, the neighborhood that has been at the center of her artistic life.

I’m thrilled to welcome you as Patti, joined by her son, daughter and longtime band member Tony Shanahan, shares original spoken-word stories from her life while weaving in the music of her beloved catalog.

The performance will be available to Audible members on Nov. 2.

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